30 Things That Should Be In Halo 5 (Opinion)

I think I’ve made a list that basically hits home, but if not let me know. Here goes nothing (This is my personal opinion):

1.EOD Armor
2.All Brute Weapons (And Other Previous Weapons)
3.More Forerunner Vehicles
4.Hayabusa Armor
5.Legendary “Legacy” Armors (Halo 3 Rouge, EVA, CQB)
6.Game Mode Specific Armor Variants (Warrior SWAT, Helljumper GRIF, Flood Armor)
7.Flood mode
8.All Previous Vehicles Comeback (Falcon, Prowler, Spectre)
9.Mythic “Clear” Visor
10.More Armor Colors
11.Paint Types (Gloss, Matte, Candy)
13.Emblems On The Armor
14.Warzone “Infinity” (Infinite Energy, Fully Leveled, Infinite Reqs)
15.Warzone Custom Games
17.Spawning AI in forge
18.More Variants For Certain Weapons
19.Airstrike Designator
20.Drivable Oversized Vehicles (Phantoms, Pelicans, Elephants, Behemoths)
21.Corp Weapon Variants
22.ONI Weapon Variants
23.Play As Elites
24.Elite Armor Variants
25.Dual Wielding Weapons
26.Quick-Spawn (Spawning an object in Spartan Mode on Forge)
27.Armor Effects
28.Specific Req Packs For Points (Power Weapons Pack, Armor Pack, Loadout Pack, Skin Pack, Etc.)
29.More “Stand-Out” Armors Like Recruit Charred, Athlon Champion, Helioskrill, Etc.
30.Playable Promethean Soldiers

And that’s about it. Hopefully it hits everything that needs to be in Halo 5, but again if not let me know.

I don’t agree with all of it but most is a solid list

14 and 28 are a must! I think a super boosted warzone would be dope. And I would love a chance to pick a refill option for my reqs. I would really like the option to pick what type of reqs I’m getting. I’m not saying a sniper pack or rocket pack, but maybe tiered req packs for certain number of points. Example being for 5000 points you get up to req level 4, 6000 points is level 5, and 7500 is level 6 and up. So that way I don’t have to weigh my options on whether to spawn my last Answer and hope I can unlock another before my next match. Or if it’s smart to spawn a tank to defend the core with less than 2 mins to play.

Great ideas mostly you put alot of thought into that list. However I feel like an air strike option is a tad too close to cod in my uneducated unprofessional opinion.

I like the specific req packs

It shouldn’t.
Have dreams, op? Go watch pornies.

Seems someone is getting tore up over an opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good list

> 2533274971171822;5:
> No.
> It shouldn’t.
> Have dreams, op? Go watch pornies.

It’s just his opinion. I’m not sure why you felt the need to make such a meaningless post. I might not agree with everything on there, I personally don’t believe Firefight is needed, but that’s my own opinion, which, by definition, can be my own and can’t be invalidated, neither can his.