30 seconds to wait between game too long

30 seconds to wait between game too long why have taken so this is completely stupid

LOL what?!

If only you’d taken longer to write your post…


Breathe. And proofread.

I think it’s a good amount of time.

Yeah I need reasonable breaks between games you never know what kind of chaos is manifesting within your household that you may have to take care of lol.

For me its a good time frame. Gives me time to open any REQ’s i may have gotten from the previous match.

You know you can back out and requeuing manually to skip the intermission between games


When I am selling Req Cards I hate then it seems too short. It’s fine in my opinion. If you are really pressed for time you can do what a previous posted suggested. Back out and re-que to save some of your precious seconds.

Didn’t your grandmother ever tell you patience is a virtue?

You can skip the 30 second timer by backing out and starting up a new game, so this criticism is completely invalid.

Just back out and play again

Lol wow people will try complain about anything won’t they?

Lol 30 seconds is too long? I bet it took you way longer then that to wright this post that doesn’t even make sense.

Feel free to refer to this thread:


But like the others have said, if you don’t want to wait, back out and search again.