30 or older?...The Ancient Warriors Want YOU!

If you’re 30 years old or older, the Ancient Warriors want YOU! We currently have 243 members and this August 10th, we’ll celebrate our 4th anniversary. The Ancient Warriors provides a fun, MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL place to play and discuss the games we all love, as well as life in general. We know what it’s like to balance the demands real life places upon us - relationships, careers, mortgage payments, taxes - with our desire to game. We are an active group and there are regularly scheculed weekly activities…“DOOM’s Power Hour”, “MLG Night”, “ODST Night”, “Halo 3 Night”, “Achievement Hunting”…and you can always find a bunch of us online on any given night.

We were recently featured in one of the Bungie “Community Ride-Alongs” wiht DeeJ and Achronos. Interested? Then simply click on this link, click on “join this group” and answer the three questions found at the bottom left of the group home page. Someone will respond to you quickly. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here or on BNet.