30 hours in, I'm bored

This game is a lot of fun, but roughly 30 hours in, I’m bored.


Because lack of playlist. If they are going to severely limit the play list like this, I don’t see this gameplay being sustainable. I really hope they give us more variety where we can select what WE want to play and not be forced into a very limited playlist that becomes a chore to play.

I suppose for this - you get what you pay for (free).

This is the most underrated issue in this game. Everyone is complaining about the BP, progression system, and store (valid issues).

However, the game is also…kinda boring.

What is supposed to be fun about holding down RT game after game while noone plays objective because they’re all hunting challenges?

In my opinion, ranked is the only list that doesn’t quickly get boring. So if you don’t like ranked, get bored I guess?