3 Unsolved Bugs for ALL EUROPEAN Players


I’ve done the update, but with the language set in ITA, the playlists’ menu il still bugged. No RANK is shown. (it works if I set the console in ENG but why?) I’m not the only one: everyone I know in Italy has this issue. Please provide a solution. See the image to understand:( http://i.imgur.com/0aeCuic.jpg )

Even when the rank is decreased (after a bad match), the arrow indicator still showing ‘green-up’ (issue for all ranks, i.e not only for onyx). In this case the onyx level is right (it is decreased), but the arrow is not red-down!
And in addition, if you are an onyx, you see in any case the indicator ‘2’ on the right of the onyx score, even if the onyx does not consider a progress bar -_- )
And over that, when you reach a rank ‘diamond’ is written ‘platinum’, when you reach ‘platinum’ you see ‘diamond’ (in the new animation).

The intro-music when starting a match (both for arena and for warzone) works only few times. (most of the starts are ‘muted’ / in silence, and it is not so good). In many cases only the vocal effect is played. (even this BUG was not solved with the update memories of reach)

I repeat that all my other friends here in Italy (with ITA language in console) have these issues. Please provide a PATCH.

But FINALLY I can play competitive again in an EU server. With a proper ping :slight_smile: (even if after 2 months)

I hope they’ll fix it


I am playing the game in German language and me and my friends have the exact same problems !
These issues have first occured with the Ghosts of Meridian update, and i thought the Reach update will fix it, but it did not…

I am not sure why there are not more people reporting this… maybe these problems are only showing up in non-english versions

hopefully we can get a fix.


btw… in the german version in the team arena playlist the Halo World Championships are still getting advertised. Saying: This weekend … blablabla … an its been 2 months or something. seems pretty unprofessional imo

343… nothing to say?


FOR 343

Is it possible that you haven’t solved these enormous bugs?
More than 2 months are gone, and I have the main menu already stuck… (!!)
Are you serious?