3 times exp boost wasted - thanks for the dedicated servers :)

Best I can do is 39.99

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Hi everyone,
I logged on and started a double xp token , but wasn’t able to play even 1 game.
As they’re charging serious money for xp boost tokens, I’m looking to get mine back :slight_smile:

Anyone has a clue where I can file for an XP boost refund?



At least the Shop is working! Let’s check Hazop out! Just 2000 credits. That’s a Gift!


Microsoft site. Purchases. Somewhere there.

Refunds will cost you $5.99 USD

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How would restarting your game client-side solve a server issue?

The mental gymnastics some people go through to defend 343 are really impressive.


Maybe it’s like jump starting a car if enough people restart thier game it’ll zap the server back to life :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t try? It even solved the boardcomputer in my car and fixed my Coffee machine… You are so toxic!

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It’s not just Halo that’s down

another round of servers going down? it’s almost as if some hacker group is angry…

Yeah it looks like problems all over the place at


it’s almost as if some hacker group or person is mad or something…

Game is back Servers are online. Europe here.


Not on my end.

They really do need to change how boosts work so that they only apply to time actually spent playing the game.

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that would be nice but that would cut into profits… or so they think.

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It’s not just Halo, Amazon AWS was down for a bit so a lot of games had the same issue.

I believe they talked about the servers going down in the recent live stream podcast, so it is confirmed that they were aware of it and didn’t have control over it, as it wasn’t a scheduled maintenance, but unfortunately, just like with the botched BTB servers, you won’t be getting a refund on 2XP wasted

I think most gamers understand that sometimes things will go wrong and servers will be down or having issues sometimes but then if you start selling people timed XP boosts that expire in real time rather than in game time you are opening yourselves up to customers, in my opinion, quite rightly expecting to be compensated when some or all of their boost expires whilst a technical issue is preventing them from playing.


Maybe I’m misreading this 3 day old post, but are you suggesting you used a boost on 3 separate occasions and on each one of those occasions the servers kicked you out of the game for a whole hour/3 hours total?