3 times exp boost wasted - thanks for the dedicated servers :)

The server just sucks, I waste one after another wasted. No game possible. So will I get my exp boost back? Or is it now just totally wasted again?

and by the way, who else experienced that ?


343: “You must be connected to the servers 100% of the time to play Halo Infinite.”

Also 343: “Our servers are only up when we feel like it, teehee!”


Servers are down right now as no game mode works…

Yep can’t play anything… was just in a oddball game but all of a sudden oh you can’t play because our servers are down.

Same thing happening here. I popped an xp boost and keep getting “Unable to start dedicated server” message when trying to start and pvp matches. Is it down? Was there a scheduled maintenance or something I missed?

Well if they don’t want people screaming for refunds they better get that -Yoink- up NOW!!!

Since when did the forum not censor words??? (your post contains words that are not allowed) What did the censor break or something???

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Restart your build. Anytime there’s server issues I just restart and it works. Y’all really complain about anything. It’s so toxic. The game is amazing stop complaining please!

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I came here looking around for a similar post. It’s the first time I’ve faced it but surely if this is how your system is set up then there absolutely should be a way to pause your boost until such a time after the servers are back online and you log back in.
Shouldn’t there be a bug reporting forum separately or am I missing something?

I truly don’t understand how a company like 343, with such a close relationship with MS, can’t manage game servers properly.

It’s astonishing.

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While everyone is talking about monetization, in meanwhile the whole game doesn’t work anymore at all…
Cant play for almost 20 hours now.

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Down for me as well.

XP boost wasted too…

Thx 343

AT least the beer isn’t wasted.

There’s EXP boosters in this game? lol…

Shoot, I could have been much higher level then I am now if I knew that…

server is totally offline

you have to buy them or earn them through leveling up the battle pass

Man I worked 10h my Brain is offline. I just wanna grind some challenges…

this is why i barely use the exp bonuses never know when a game will turn to -Yoink!- or the servers will go down.

I’m sorry to say, but “Turn it off and turn it back on again” is not working for what’s happening. There is a mass issue right now where no one is able to connect to the server, and there has been no official word on why as of yet. And yes, it’s a little annoying when you use a double xp to find out you can’t even play. This is a concern that I along with alot of others are hoping to get information or a fix soon.


Same. Can’t match in any playlist. Sadface.

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Also very annoying when you can’t play campaing without internet… Game is totally borked due to modern AAA practices, nice job 343 your game becomes totally useless without internet…


We need to buy the server DLC to keep playing