3 things you like in the Beta

So I wanted to post a more positive thread after scrolling through the forum and seeing that it’s still as volatile as it was last week. Now, whether you think Halo 5’s Beta is the best thing ever, the worst or something in between- one thing is certain. There are things about the Beta that you dislike, and there are things that you do like. This thread focuses on the latter.

So just write 3 things you like about the Beta (not necessarily in any order). You can keep it short if you want, or explain yourself in detail.

Mine are these:

  1. Even starts and weapons on the map- This is hiw Halo was always meant to be. It’s fun, it’s competitive, it’s fair. There is a renewed focus on map control, especially with indicators telling you exactly where and when power weapons spawn (which reduces the learning curve and by doing so increases the skill gap). I am sure some modes in Halo 5 will have Loadouts, but it’s good to know that the core multiplayer experience is like this.2. Spartan Abilities- Aside from Sprint, they don’t really change the gameplay too much- they don’t interfere with the classic Halo gameplay that is still there in all its glory. A thrust here, a charge there and the occasional ground pound. But they’re all fun as hell when you do use them properly, and they play off eachother really well. They also put a big emphasis on movement, and create new paths across the map (especially noticeable in Crossfire and Trench) which is bound to lead to some really great Forge maps (a Parkour community mode which is basically race on foot with an obstacle course?). They also really feel like the kind of abilities that Spartan could accomplish.3. The HYDRA- Still haven’t had the chance to use it properly, but just from the videos of better players using it I know it’s awesome and I love it.Your turn!

Spartan Abilities-
You actually feel like a Spartan, instead of a plastic soldier.

Even Starts w/ no AAs-
I got tired of playing Halo 4, with the sword. And when I’m about to kill someone, they jetpack away.

Intros and outros-
Those celebrations at the end just give me a good laugh, sure they’re spartans. But not Spartan-IIs, Spartan IVs. And the intros just look cool imo