3 Things that need to change inmediatly in halo 5

hi my lenguaje is the spanish but i will try to make me understand
iam a spartan 145 in halo 5 and there are a many things i think is neccesary to change , well lets started
1.- ban hammer system ,
for me is ridiculous that leave one single game will banned for a few minutes , but is insane that banned for 23 hours for only one , like a was happened to me today
if you leave a game is for many reasons ( you are lossing the game , you need to go to the wc , you need answer the phone , need to open the door for a rare visit , and many other things ) and is normal , we are a humans , we socialize and have needs , and for these reasons it is necesary get banned.
come on ,we buy a game to play, not to see the cover . you banned the gamers for why ? because you dont want to abandon the games ,they (we )end up leaving the game.
*if you want (343 industries )the gamers dont leave the matches try other ways , maybe incresing the value of the loosing match , maybe double ,
so that way the player will play more to increase the rank and he will think before to leave a match , and decrease the value for those who stay
dont use the ban hammer like apunished judge , because you are ruining the game
2.-the rank system
i was ranked platinum and diamond in the past month in all the different game modes , maybe you will say , o.k what is the problem ?
o.k in the past month coming for a week the game mod , double team , i was play with my brother and we win and lost the same games for the clasifications , i was better that my bro in 6 games and he was better than me in 4 games , and the k/o was the same for both , the end rank for me was gold 6 and for my brother was platinum 5 , and i say come on , how is possible i was be better , but well was the last month
this month in arena slayer i play 3 times vs a team with 3 onyx ranks , we win 2 times , 2 times vs diamond ranks , we win 1 and the rest with platinums and unranked gamers and totally i win 6/10 matches , and i was platinum 2
and i think , man if i can win with several dificulties to 2 teams in rank onyx , maybe will be ranked diamond or high , and not , the game ranked me this way
*if you play with the equals ranks , ok. you will increase your rank with ´x´ games
*if you play with minor ranks o.k you need more games to tank better
*but i you play with up ranks , man , give better ranks
3.- the vehicles in warzone
i play a lot games in warzone mode , beacuse if you want to finish the comendations , you will need play warzone and well ,iam doing , but there are a problem with the vehicles
the first there are many powerfull vehicles and many nerfed vehicles , for example a gungoose and a ghost ultra is better than the mantis ultra rare in strength and power , the mantis are level 6 or 7 i dont remember , and the gosth and gungoose are 3 or 4 , we know that we choose. (only the mantis ONI is good )
there are a comendations like a destroy 50 warthogs , easy with spartan laser one shot , is really big a warthog , but destroy 50 mongoose , man is rare to see a mongoose in a game in comparation with a gosth o warthogs and there are a mongoose that resist 3 shots of spartan laser , yeah it is 3 shots , who have the oportunity to shot a mongoose in movement 3 times ,is dificult and if i say you need destroy 110 mongoose (thinking about it)
there are a vehicles extremly rares , for example for my is the phaeton , i spent more of 3 millions of suminister points , and i only have it 4 ,and i need kill a 100 spartans , and is more fragile than a ultra banshee and is level 8 , come on
*for these reason i think some one vehicles needs to be remeasured , some one need to be more accessible , and some one need to be more powerfull or nerfed
and plis put a gungoose war or something for finish my comendation and put a map with phaetons , because is the only vehicle that does dont appear in any map.

I hope that my requests are heard and if you agree please share for the good of the game

1: No, don’t quit
2: Maybe/yes
3: No. I disagree.

Omg the spelling is horrible

> 2535431428716693;3:
> Omg the spelling is horrible

He did say Spanish was his primary language.

2 and 3 I agree with. The rank system is horrible, played 10 games of teams and got Plat 2 won 4 more games positive kd ranked up lost the next match with a score of 14-3 lost my rank and it just keeps repeating.

Great ideas, pretty constructive!

  1. Ban system is a necessary evil
  2. Not familiar with the issue, I do wonder every time I see a post about I was here last season, now I am somewhere else if the posters are blaming the system vs taking self responsibility. One cannot play against different players and expect the same result.
  3. Maybe the mantis…

1)Instead of quitting if you need to do a quick thing, just hide in someplace so no one will find you. There is no way to tell if you specifically meant to leave your team or had something come up.

2)343 said that they are making adjustments to the ranking system.

3)I feel that some of the vehicles need buffs like the mantis, but others are fine.

The three things that need to change are 3-4-3.
We need Halo back.