3 terrible games of ranked in a row

While doing ranked for one of my challenges, I had the following:

  • A team member leave in each one
  • Absolutely terrible spawns (Enemies able to see me right at spawn
  • Shot a guy in the head, nothing happened (Could be desync, which I normally don’t have problems with)
  • Backslaps not counting
  • Melees also not counting
  • Did not win any of these games, nor was it a nail biter
  • In the two games after this, my audio cut out, I could only hear grenades.
    While I am hoping 343 can get their act together, this trio of absolute trash games does make me wish they could get on the community feedback train. My rank during these games was Diamond I, and I had double kills and killing sprees in both of them.
    Also, I don’t want to hear anything about my trust in 343 being misplaced, I quite frankly do not care.

We are experiencing everything you have listed. :kangaroo: