3 second respawn timer

Ever notice how slow it is to get back into the action? 8 seconds to wait is just a ridiculous amount of time. IMO, 3 seconds is the right amount of time that most modes need in order to make the game more fast paced. Perhaps Warzone and BTB could use longer respawn timers, but nothing more than 5 seconds.

What do you think?

Maybe in FFA but not in team games.
Example CTF: if you have three enemies dead you know its a good time to run the flag right because you know it takes a couple seconds to respawn.
In slayer games its the same when you are pushing an enemy base or tryin to push up for power weapons. you know the other team has one/two down and its a perfect time to push for a power weapon if its up.
Instant respawns would take all that away.

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> Instant respawns would take all that away.

I never said instant respawns. I just want 3 seconds because it makes the game go a bit faster and doesn’t hinder the experience with bad spawns.

Halo isn’t supposed to be about getting into action soon as you die, 3 seconds is pretty much instant to me. It’s an arena shooter, you’re supposed to play smart and careful with what you have. Halo doesn’t need to be faster paced, sorry.

I like the long delay.

It makes kills & deaths more meaningful, especially in Objective game modes. I feel like on these tight, busy maps, it would be really difficult for either team to capture the flag if the downtime from dying was less severe.

I could see them bringing 3 seconds back in slayer maybe, but I’d rather they just keep it like it is.

8 is too long 3 too short.

what happened to 5.

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> 8 is too long 3 too short.
> what happened to 5.

Exactly. 5 seconds in Slayer has been the perfect time for previous games. 8 seconds in Big Team, CTF and other objective modes is fine. But 8 seconds in Slayer is absurd, and it’s honestly why I don’t play Halo 5 as much as i wanted to. Thing is, I’m not specifically asking for a change, I want them to bring back Social Slayer. And I mean real social slayer, not that tacked on thing they did where the settings were all the same. A social slayer playlist with 3 or more likely 5 second respawn time would make things better. 3 seconds is fine for SWAT, and 5 seconds would be the sweet spot for Slayer. It just seems that it’s never going to happen, which is depressing