3 reasons Halo Infinite will die - if not resolved

I love Halo Infinite, a lot. The gameplay is excellent, fresh, and fun to play. There are some things missing (playlists, maps, etc) but the core gameplay is a lot of fun and keeps me coming back.

With that said, what was 343 thinking when discussing monetization for this game (seems to me as though they want everyone to spend as much money as humanly possible)? They knew WAY before now that fans were afraid the skins and other armor pieces would just become a cash grab. As of writing this, the fans are right.

Here are 3 reasons I hate the current setup:

  • The only way to get the battle pass is to buy each season (no credits in the first battle pass to buy the next one if you play a lot - no reward for your loyal fan base)
  • The store is so expensive. Why would I ever pay $10 (comes out to 1000 in-game credits) to buy a helmet, a skin, and visor color. Games themselves cost $60 so there is no way 3 tiny armor pieces are worth $10.
  • Deciding 3 core spartans can be used, but not allowing for armors and skins to cross between them all, is a major error. The fans want 1 spartan you can customize with whatever you see fit. This is extremely disappointing.

Again, I love the game. However, I hate the monetization in Halo Infinite. So far, I paid $10 for the first battle pass. I also pre-ordered Halo Infinite campaign on Steam for $60. So I’ve already spent a total of $70 for beta and unreleased campaign where most games would sell, with more content mind you, at $60 and ALL items available. I’d have rather bought the game for $60 with it all than take part in what is happening now.

Here are some changes I’d like to see before the beta ends:

  1. Reduce store prices (I believe that is already under review)
  2. Add store credits into the battle pass unlock system (this is in Call of Duty already, and it is one of the good things they did with their service)
  3. Get rid of 3 separate spartans and have 1 base model you add armor to.

Also, make items in the battle pass more attainable. I’ve already played close to 19 hours and I’m only at level 8 of 100. Stop trying to get me to buy XP boosts and such, it is not happening.

343, you also already tested this with Halo MCC. That battle pass and progression was excellent! Yes, it was free, but you could do the exact same thing, as before have users buy the first premium battle pass, and then add in credits to it with similar unlocks. Why change things to this terrible new model?

In my opinion, the current battle pass, store, and progression is worse than EAs launch of Star Wars Battlefront II. It feels like the most greedy scam in the gaming industry to date. Let’s hope that some of these are addressed (as I’ve seen a lot of videos and others ranting) so that the game survives for years to come.

Great work saving the game after the reveal (you owe your fans just for that) and now please, make things right.