3 new unreleased tracks from Campaign

If you haven’t heard them yet, here are some tracks that did not make it on the OST:

“Pursuit” (Infinity mission with the Mantis)
“Forerunner” (Forerunner mission with the Cryptum)
“Scorpion Charge” (Infinity mission with the Scorpion)

good stuff tridy, was listening to your halo 4 ost play lists a few weeks before launch. your play lists convinced me to buy the soundtrack. shame they kept closing down your youtube channels =P

Pursuit is the only one I’m seeming to enjoy.

Oh and I forgot to add

117 is the most viewed video on my channel.

I’ve been looking for that pursuit soundtrack every where. Thanks!


I love your channel tridy! Can you upload all the music from the E3 campaign demo from 2012? I’ve been wanting that music. From the cutscene where chief sees the Infinity coming down to that knight that ends the gameplay. Thanks for the music you’ve uploaded.

“Pursuit” is unavailable.