3 new PAX gameplay videos


I’ve only watched the first video and half of the second, the first has some very good showing off of the Jetpack. I am pleased with it being nerfed from Reach.

Edit: links to the actual youtube videos.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

I thought that the thruster pack was replacing the jet packs? oh well

So the second video the guy is using thruster pack a lot, and the 3rd video there is some good suppressor play.

Link isn’t working for me :frowning:
I keep getting sent to some “yahoo” thing!
EDIT: And every other link says “Oops, this page is broken.” What?

Nevermind, he just captured it :frowning:

Go to 2:40, he dies, he lies there for a moment, then disintegrates when the pulse grenade goes off. So Promethean Stuff even burns dead bodies? That’s pretty sweet.

Still hoping the Lightrifle disintegrates stuff too.

> Nevermind, he just captured it :frowning:

The flag can only be dropped if the player scores it or dies. If he did drop it, it was a glitch that has likely since been fixed.

For those of you finding link problems, I posted links to the actual youtube videos of each gameplay, if you’re still having troubles, then there’s something wrong on your end.

Thanks for the individual links, op!

0_0 You are my 117th “Thank”!

He seemed to be anti vehicle Hm.

The thruster pack, I liked using it.

That second dude was pretty butthurt about vehicles lol

Jet pack’s back, even if you people aren’t calling it one. I really want suppressed weapons, too. I’ve always been one for stealth.