3 New Music Preview For Halo 4!!!

I like the last one.

That last one. So good…

i still havnt liked anything so far from Neil im still worried.

It’s sad to see Marty go, but I think they made a good choice with Neil :slight_smile:

These are the best tracks from Halo 4 that I have heard yet. Neil is doing an excellent job.

The only think I care about music wise is the Mjolnir theme and the main menu monk music.

I liked these, though.

Everything about this game is getting better and better…

Not bad not bad. I enjoyed the last piece most of all.

They actually sound very fitting for Halo 4’s theme to me.

I believe that was the best music I have heard from Halo 4 yet! My hype is building up!

Reminds me so much of Star Wars, i don’t know why, but it’s a great thing.
Soundtrack is finally suiting the Sci-fi Genre.

Beginning sound like back to the future to anyone else?

3 new tracks? That was all just one song. One amazing song. It reminded my of movies back in the 90s that would have theme songs or melodies thought the movie. I could hear 5 seconds of any movie and go…yep, that’s Independence Day or yep, that’s True Lies.

Nowadays, it’s like all soundtracks are designed to be forgettable.

oh gawd yes

It’s like Pirates, Halo, and Transformers had a crazy night and this popped out 9 months later. :slight_smile:

Woot. Music!

I like this Neil guy