3 months since official launch and in game settings STILL keeps resetting every time I open the game!

It is absolutely asinine that 1/4th of a year into a quote-unquote “live service game” I still have to go into my menu settings and fix my graphics, audio, etc. because the game can’t remember how to save my settings. Do you devs over at 343 think this is even remotely acceptable? In all my years of playing games I have never come across a brand new “triple-A” game that has had this level of unpolish regarding UI.

We’re reaching WarCraft 3: Reforged of not giving a darn.

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I’ve been non-stop bringing this up since launch and every time I get comments telling me I’m the only one who experiences this.

The community is right behind 343 in making this game not enjoyable. I’m so tired of reporting on issues and being told that it’s a me problem.

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Have you tried unplugging your router, waiting a minute, then plugging it back in?

Does the home page still do that thing where it takes forever to load every armor for no reason when they could just… not be server side? Lol

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sure does

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343 is super toxic… I can’t believe that’s still a thing

(This is my new thing, everytime I see something super obvious that should be fixed I’ll describe it as toxic)

i’m on an old white xbox with a disc drive (it came with gear of war 4) it takes me like 3 minutes to load the option to look at the BP

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Halo 5 had annoying af menu lag, probably tied to the req system.
Sorry to hear its gotten worse
Is the lag on every platform, or just og xbox?

I always set controls to inverted.
The times i played infinite this happened to me too.
Thought theyd fix it.
Add it to the list of issuez

Ya I’m getting tired of needing to turn off the wind effect on sprint.

I did that the second day, it’s awful