3 helpful hints to make this game awesome!

  • Don’t try to make the armour too cool! Make it classic, yet have a bit of a unique side to it that pops. Look at Halo 3’s and Reach’s armour, Bungie didn’t try too hard to put all the cool stuff on the armour or make it look out of the ordinary! That was the best armour I have ever seen in a Halo game! Halo 4’s not so much, I understand it was 343’s first game though, they were just trying to make their game stand out, they now know what they’re doing and understand what the fans want I think!- The gameplay:- Maps-I think a mix of all kinds of maps is the best combination: 2-3 Small maps maybe one of them symmetrical, 3-4 Medium sized maps maybe 1 or 2 being symmetrical, 2-3 Big maps one being symmetrical, and one gigantic map like the size of Blood Gulch yet about 100 square feet bigger- Graphics-Graphics are key in gameplay, the better the graphics, the better the game- Balance of Players/Abilities/Weapons-Having one weapon or ability that stands out in the game is not fun, that makes everyone only want to use that one thing, try to make all weapons as equal as possible and this will be the best Halo you have ever made! 3. Last but not least; Custom Games and Forge: Custom Games might be the best thing about Halo! All of the mini games you can make in Forge using the Infection, Race, Slayer, KOTH, Oddball, and CTF gametypes is what makes playing the Halo with your friends fun!

Please takes these 3 points to heart as you make the next Halo I don’t even have to mention Campaign in here because Halo has the best Campaigns out of every game I have ever played! I have been playing since Combat Evolved and Halo definitely has come a long way!

There are no big maps in the Beta, it focuses on 4v4 arena maps on 7 maps (which means the full game will have more than that). So likely no vehicles either.