3 Achievements unlocked in game, but...

I have Spartan Assault on XOne, WP, Win8.

For some reason, only WP is experiencing issues. This doesn’t seem like a syncing issue, as while doing mop up on a few random achievements, I would unlock on Win8, then immediately perform the same necessary steps on WP to also unlock the achievements. I did this for several mop up ones and everything was working fine, but 3 in particular aren’t registering on WP, even though the achievement definitely popped up as earned and is listed as earned in the in game achievement screen.

The 3 achievements in question are:
Brute Force - extremely easy to earn, I earned it in game WP, saw the pop up, it’s listed in the in game list, but on Xbox.com (or SmartGlass) it’s not earned. I’ve gone back several times to try and unlock it again, but WP won’t pop up the achievement as it’s already unlocked from my first attempt.
117 - I know when going from platform to platform, you have to re-earn at least 1 gold for it to register. Well I’ve done this like 20 times earning all the 5th level gold’s as well as random levels getting gold just to make sure. Just like Brute Force, it unlocked in game (got the green pop up achievement banner) and is listed as earned in game, but not on Xbox.com (or SmartGlass)
Complete Operation F - pretty simple, when going from platform to platform, you have to re-beat the 5th level. Did so on Win8 with no problems but when doing the same on WP, achievement unlocked, listed in the in game achievements as earned, but not on Xbox.com (or SmartGlass).

(just for reference, I didn’t have any issues with Win8 achievements not popping up)

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated but I’m fearing these have been glitches on my profile now.

I can provide screen shots if needed showing that they’re unlocked on the phone but not on Xbox.com