2x Score Attack

Back in Halo: Reach, when searching in the Firefight playlist you would get to vote for a specific gametype to play (such as Gruntpocalypse or Sniperfight.)

My favorite to play was 2x Score Attack, especially on Thursdays when it was all Firefight daily challenges.

Does anyone recall the settings used in 2x Score Attack? I wanted to re-create it in MCC. I remember we had increased damage as you could use the DMR to tear through grunts (event ultras without having to shoot off the mask first.)

I burned through quite a few of my commendations and also daily challenges(both of which were ultimately useless of course except on the HTr leaderboards) in this playlist but can only speculate that damage was simply doubled while the player also had an overshield. I’ve played a ton of firefight and can’t think of any other difference offhand other than vehicles had to be destroyed in certain ways in 2x in order to actually kill the vehicle and not just the driver.

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I’ll try this out!

I remember my favorite was always Installation 04.

I’d select the Loudout with Armor Lock / Shotgun, and then “borrow” a DMR from one of the ODSTs in the main structure.

I could use that DMR for everything and the Shotgun for the Brutes / Elites. Good times!!

That was back when podcasting was still relatively new (I believe) so I would save my weekly podcasts for Thursday and listen while I knocked out my FF challenges haha.

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200% Damage
200% Melee Damage
2x Overshields

Wave 1: Grunts
Wave 2: Jackals
Wave 3: Brutes
Wave 4: Skirmishers
Wave 5: Elite Spec Ops

Skulls: Tough Luck, Catch, Cloud

That was my favorite gametype as well. I played it every day, I got to Inheritor playing it. It was insanely fun since it made underpowered weapons like the AR and Focus Rifle melt everything. Makes me wish they would bring back a solo Firefight matchmaking option with 2x Score Attack so I could more effectively grind XP in MCC.

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Amazing!! I’m going to recreate this right now :blush:

Just curious - where did you find this info?

I just remembered it off the top of my head. On the Xbox 360 version of Halo: Reach I toyed around with 2x Score Attack a lot in Custom Games.

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I have the official 2x Score Attack variant (copied from my 360) on my MCC fileshare, if you want it. The previously mentioned settings are mostly correct.

I loved 2x score attack. You could get so many credits from playing it in FF matchmaking back in the day.


I will download it - thank you!