2v2 deathmatch-countering the 2x cutter?

any ideas for a prophet? i have tried unorthodox methods such as honorguards/jackals early to counter the quick spartans but this usually just ends in a base trade and lots of headaches,wraiths just downright fail b/c 6 spartans is just simply too much to avoid and the things literally have more health then a grizzly in DM…

You dont send your wraiths in untill you have at least 6 and against 2x unsc what you do is buy all the bases shield them up make engineers so they dont die and stack up full pop wraiths then you send them in … they wont get jacked

I just had a 40 min game vs double cutter on labyrinth. Double quad mac + 20 ODST = dead base. We won because they kept 2x mac’n my base and dropping ODST’s but my prophet was able to do a ton of damage. They kept destroying my bases but i had a 25 pop of tanks that where defending against ODST. So I lost 6 bases but was able to have 3 11 star spartan tanks. Once I got a full base up my spartan PT met up my prohpet and it was over. I really wish the link saved.

Im really getting to love deathmatch. The players who play it are really good. 75% of the games are decent neck to neck games. I also really like how the POP is set up. If your team mate goes down you can still win the game.