2v2 Arbiter guide - Up to 40 TrueSkill

Because, why not?

First off, let me say that these are the strategies which I employ during matches. Obviously, there are a plentiful amount of variables at work, however I’ll make the assumption that once I’ve told you what to do, you’ll find the means to the end. I’ll also try my best to include solutions to certain situations, which are out of the ordinary, and harder to think your way out of.

Early-game (0-4 minutes) decides what happens mid-game, (4-10 minutes) decides late-game (10+ minutes).
This guide’s gonna focus mainly on early game, as if you can get that somewhat perfect, then it’ll carry you through the rest of the game.

Also, I assume that you’re going to be playing with a teammate who is playing UNSC, and somewhat knows what they’re doing (They need to be around…30-35TS. If they’ve got that, then they should be able to hold out until you can start working on the UNSC, but more about that later).

I’ll be posting strategies vs…
Anders/Brute - Anders/ Arby - Cutter/Brute - Cutter/Arby - Forge/Brute - Forge/Arby
Without discrediting him too much, the Prophet’s just not tough enough to bother thinking about. Send your hogs at him, Rage a little, strip his base. GG.

Finally, if any high level players wish to contribute tips/criticism they’re welcome, and will be credited. Keep in mind, however, that playing this way has got me a 42 TS, so I’m evidence that it works, so don’t try to hint, or explicitly tell me that it won’t work.

FINALLY, I won’t be talking about obvious things, such as collecting supplies or other things which should be common sense.

So, I think that’s it.

Being a Covenant leader, the Arby’s general objective is to get more air out than his opponent, force the opponent into Vampires, then either win before the Vampires become a problem, or switch to Vampires himself and then outnumber the opponent.
However, the Arby is different in that he has a secondary function: his Rage ability. The Arby’s rage makes him more complex to use, offering more choices than the, oh so stereotypical, double summit. His Rage makes him a perfect counter to Warthogs, and’s likely to force anyone opponent who’s going Warthogs to rethink their strategy.

I underestimated my own laziness; this might be continued during the Winter Break.

The Docks

Probably the simplest map, due to lack of hooks.

Vs Anders/Arby

Start off by going either Temple 2nd, or Temple 3rd. Send your Ghost past the expansion on your side, lighting it up for your teammate to take as you go. Head along to the middle of the map, and micro (Micro-management: Refers to individually focusing on units’ movement and target selection) your Ghost in order to fight the enemy’s scouts. Chase them from the middle, and force them back on to their side. Take the supplies from the middle, and then send your Ghost to the enemy Arby’s base to see what they’re up to.

If you went Temple 2nd, then it should be done, by now. Lock your base and set your rally point onto your unit teleport, also build a Suicide Grunt, or 2 if you managed to collect a few more supplies. Send your Arby to the enemy base, collecting any supplies which are close to/along his path. Watch out for enemy hogs, and rage down any that you see. It’s likely that you’ll see the enemy Arby along the way, too. Let your teammate know where he is, so that your teammate can move his Hogs to a safer location. If you do pass him, or notice him going towards your base, then forget about upgrading Warehouses. Keep building Warehouses, however.






It’s been awhile since I last posted on the forums, I kinda dropped off with the move to Waypoint, but hopefully you’ll indulge this dinosaur.

I used to run an Arby/Cutter team in doubles; I was our team’s arby, and we continued using it even after TU4 with success.

I noticed a couple things reading what you’ve posted so far.

First, you mentioned that your opener involved a temple-second build order. Unless things have changed drastically (and from what I can tell, neither TU5 nor TU6 changed anything), this is strictly worse than the temple-first openers. iEchoic and DopedGoat ran tests back in the day that proved that an active leader was better for covie economies than a warehouse. I duplicated these results in my own tests. By leading with the temple second, you’re hurting your economy and slowing down your timetable for harassing the enemy by delaying when your leader can start getting on the move.

Second, I was surprised by the choice to use your ghost to harass enemy scouts. As much as you can do some damage, what I’ve found is that you’re really just missing out on free resources since the enemy scouts can tank ghost damage for a reasonable amount of time while gathering your resources before scurrying away to get their own. More importantly, the time you spend shooting their scouts is time not spent harvesting. So this means that by “harassing” the enemy scout with yours, you’re ceding your own resources and spending a not-insignificant amount of time not collecting any to aid your own economy.

Actually, T2nd is better.

Say that there are 180 supplies along your path to the enemy base, and that a warehouse gets you…let’s just say 140 supplies per minute.
You’ll miss out on 70 supplies (140/2 30 second periods of bulding time) by going temple 1st, and winning the scout war will mean that you’re still going to get those supplies along your path anyway, at least on this map.
The fact that you can get to the enemy base earlier is good, but to make use of that advantage you’d need something to hit with, and you’re not, or at least shouldn’t, be building grunts before you have a Warehouse up.

Killing the enemy’s ghost isn’t crucial, but it will help a lot in the case of Arby vs Arby base damage. It allows for line of sight, allows you to pick up supplies which aren’t along your Arby’s path, does reasonable damage to building turrets and can pick off gunnerless hogs at the start of the game. All those abilities together outweigh the opportunity cost of the supplies you’ll miss from the 10-20 seconds it takes to kill the enemy ghost, and you can make it up, anyway, by taking the supplies on the map that the enemy ghost WOULD have collected.

Not to mention, on this map there are 180 supplies in the middle, and those supplies are your reward if you can damage their scouts enough to make them retreat.

Here is the Arbiter 2v2 strategy in full:

  • Press yellow button
  • Wiggle analogue stick
  • Win game

> Here is the Arbiter 2v2 strategy in full:
> - Press yellow button
> - Wiggle analogue stick
> - Win game

Lulz. Brute OP :wink:

> Here is the Arbiter 2v2 strategy in full:
> - Press yellow button
> - Wiggle analogue stick
> - Win game

Oh, you genuinely believe that? That explains why Zero’s always raging down buildings :wink:
Yeah, Rage is pretty OP, and I’ve managed to beat plenty of decent players while going straight rage even on Crevice and Beasley’s.