2nd Week Without Warzone Req Bundle

I bought the Limited CE of Halo 5 and redeemed my code for the Warzone Req Bundle on the day of Halo’s release. I was able to open my first Warzone Req on that day and the week after I heard I was suppose to keep getting them for 7 weeks or so. The 2nd week I received no Warzone Reqs so I waited for a few days and still nothing. The 3rd week (today) I still haven’t yet received this Bundle in my “open packs” section.
But now… my brother has his account on my xbox One and has been receiving these Warzone Reqs instead of me. I have no idea why he is, and i’m not, when I redeemed it on my account. Can I please get some help with this? <343

Gamertag- KrieglordAoN
email- exade@live.com

In the same boat.

I bought something from Gamestop that was $25. It gave me 1 code to put in, but the description was something like 3 DLC’s on the receipt. I immediately had one “promotional pack” to open up. Other than that, nothing has popped up in my Open Packs section.