2nd time I've been robbed of a Perfection due to an intentional betrayal.

Has this happened to anyone else? The first time my teammate shot me behind cover when my shield was low, and just now I was betrayed with 1 second remaining to deny me my first perfection.

You’d figure Bungie would’ve thought about this before they shipped the game…

Play with a team.

You put yourself in such a position.

Don’t want crap teammates? Then don’t actively look for them.

Turn off team killing but that would take away from the Classic Halo experience of having to watch your nades and fire. Other than that, I don’t know if there is much Bungie could have done and I doubt if there is much 343 can do now.

Play with a team. Always bring friends. Never trust randoms.

How about ricochet? You shoot at your teammates and you hurt yourself. Not ideal, but it would solve the problem.

by yourself? play zombies or FFA
otherwise play with a team

Haha, only twice?

I have been counting… and I have lost seventeen perfections due to team weakening, or betrayals.

No lies.

But at least I’m able to earn perfections anyway…

Want a tip? If you get 15 kills at the start of a match, don’t get anxious and go hide to avoid being seen. I WILL betray you if I see you doing that. True Perfections are earned by playing the entirety of the game full on with no deaths.

P.S. Got my first Arena Perfection as I was ranked Gold, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside…