2nd shipment of codes

Well… I recieved my code (via the 2nd shipments) - finally… it worked - thankfully (I understand some people are STILL having problems) SO… what about all the exp and games I played while stuck at lvl 70 for 3 weeks. Truth is I do understand this is a bit whinny and nit picky. Also if nothing is done to compensate I will still keep on playing and I will still enjoy most (I have issues with the in game join, editing, ect.) of this game. I’m happy to have a new Halo game to play. It’s just not what I expected from a company I had believed to be truely interested in it’s fan base. This all sounds really ungratfull, and probably is, but it should be said.LOL someone at 343i is reading this and deactivating my code right now, I feel it. Happy gameing!