26th Platoon Riflemen; UNSC Marine Corp Recruiting

Greetings! I am SIII Evan 017, Commander of the MARine Special Operations Command [MARSOC]. We are looking for people willing to change emblem and service tag for our clan. We do small company battles, raids, online stuff, and custom games [Some of this is considered training. Ex: UNSC vs Star Wars: Space Battle]. We are a small branch right now and hope to be big. But not some corporate clan like big UNSC clans [coughcoughNavComcoughcough]. We hope to be that one unit that makes you want to be with us. We want to be organized.

Other reasons to join:

  • We need officers right now! - Our ODSTs are recruiting currently. - We are very much laid back. - We have a SPARTAN program. - Our Air Force, par of MARSOC needs pilots.Message me to join or enlist as a member or as an officer!