26 Things to Fix That Would Make Infinite Last

I was bored so here’s my list of things that should be fixed in Halo Infinite if the game is to have longevity.


  • The map needs a full day to night cycle or at least areas of the map with a different biome (snow, desert, …)
  • There also needs to be more “urgency” meaning some type of mission/quest setup that a player could put hours in daily
  • The campaign unlocks suck. There should be armor pieces and they should be made very difficult to get like “kill 50 hunters on legendary for this helmet”
  • Individual missions need replay so that you don’t have to replay to whole campaign to get the skulls
  • Also the big one is the open-world on Legendary is wacky. The vehicles get destroyed in 5 shots, the marines are actually stronger than Chief. On Legendary, the marines are the Spartans and you are the marine lol. Marines kill everything far faster than chief can, but they also die with the smallest damage. I lost 3 of them at once to a grenade 20 feet away


  • Fix desync
  • Battle pass season 2 needs to come in January
  • There should be a separate rank outside of the battle pass which also can earn rewards
  • Playlists need to be split up better, especially ranked. We need a playlist for 5v5 and something less sweaty like grifball/infection but needs to be done right. Maybe a playlist which allows players to play maps/games made by others in Forge
  • Also a big one is weekly challenge “swap” doesn’t actually “swap” it deletes. You start with 20 challenges and when you “swap” the challenge deletes, you don’t get a new challenge, it moves up the challenges you already had. If you have 20 swaps, you could delete all your challenges and get the weekly reward in 10 seconds. No point in “swapping”, it doesn’t benefit you in any way because you lose that xp
  • Customization is lacking for people without the battle pass
  • The best options like “flaming head” are given away to soon. They were the hardest to get in Halo 3 and Halo Reach. You will have to get creative with the next season armor. A flaming head is kinda hard to beat
  • Also flaming head and arms animation is done terribly, needs a fix
  • Cyber visor is not centered on the helmet
  • Multiplayer doesn’t auto start the next game when returning to lobby
  • Map voting should comeback. There isn’t much downside to map voting, everybody is happy more often than not
  • Weapon balancing needs to be looked at
  • SBMM needs to leveled better


  • When the host goes to another lobby (matchmaking, custom games, theater) the other users should be shown the lobby as well so they know what is happening
  • Custom games does not allow multiple teams, 2 is the max, I want to play 3v3v3 in customs
  • Changes made to a custom game don’t reset, even after switching game types or leaving. You have to restart
  • Sometimes bots don’t load in custom games, you have to restart to fix
  • Shotgun is weak, needs to kill in one shot or make another shotgun that does this. How will infection work?
  • Game crashes a lot, happens most often for me when double xp is turned on smh
  • Theater playback is broken. It randomly switches players or you can hear another players announcer
  • Also Forge and Coop needs to come sooner than 4 months. Halo 5 Forge dropped 2 months after release and everybody played the same 10 maps in the custom browser for the remainder of the game smh

This is all I can think of right now. If all these things get fixed, the game will definitely last years


Thank god you didn’t say the game needed a Battle Royale mode.

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Please no to that! I don’t even like battle pass in Halo. They have way too much to work on right now to be adding extra broken features

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hell f___ing no. map vetoing and voting is an awful feature that cripples the map pool,
think 10 maps is bad voting and veto would functionally make the map pool 4 maps.

i disagree that the bulldog is weak just a different role within cqc from the og tac shotgun. (i could se a small buff if unneeded)

but on that note with the bulldogs similarities to dooms combat shotgun id love to see a super shotty like shotgun added that’s as powerful and on par with sniper and rockets

i very much enjoy dooms combat shotgun and super shotgun dynamic.

battle royal is a popular game mode. it will be made be it by 343i or the community eventually, 343 have an unreleased game type called elimination that seems to effectively be 4v4 battle royal, similar to apex’s arenas. elimination has, a shrinking zone, 1 life, reviving, plus halos natural weapon scavenging gameplay. point is a lot of it is already made. forgers are able to do the rest.


Elimination is already a gametype in Halo 5. It is 4v4 and each player has one life. Eliminate the other team and you win a round; win 3 rounds to win. That gametype is fine and is not really traditional battle royale. As long as there is not a battle royale with loads of players like big team, I think it will be fine. Elimination is a just another gametype not a new feature.

Also 343 plans to add more maps, map voting has never been a problem before. Why would it be now if we have enough maps?

I feel like the game (Multiplayer) was still another full year from being presentable.

So, I don’t think Season 2 should come sooner - I’d rather them fine tune their pipeline of updates that will come and somehow restart the hype again when it arrives. Same with when Forge and new game modes arrive.

I’ll just have fun playing this early release build (in my mind) as a flight build for the several months until they have a more complete product ready to release.

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map voting and vetoing was always a problem, it functionally halfs the map pool and results in less popular maps being effectively removed from the rotation and popular maps become over played. genuinely an unhealth feature

My good friend LOGANOMIX wrote a list on his topic which I agree with :

Battle Pass is too short
6 Ranked Maps
1 Ranked Playlist
PC Crashes
Shots Not Registering
Melee Not Registering
Characters Are Ghosts
People Crash And Cant Rejoin
Item Shop Is Sad
Customizations Are Horrible
Cat Ears $15?!?!
No Red VS Blue But Still Highlighted
Cant Turn Off Crossplay
343 Doesnt Listen To Us
Too Many Cheaters
Campaign Only 6 Hours
No Campaign Co-Op
No Forge
Nothing To Grind For
No Service Record

I’d also add: Broken Grenades.

Its so weird but sometimes I feel a grenade is far away from me but ends up killing me. Or a grenade is close to me but does nothing. Very inconsistent grenades.


I’d like to see an option for darker nights and a weather system added.
Biomes would also be good.
Maybe some more unique-looking ones.

I wish they were more durable and able to be customized.

For me, the controls on gamepads don’t always work either.

A zombies (Flood) mode variant for Firefight where they can’t use weapons but have various abilities like the zombies in Left 4 Dead might be fun.
Also, a mode where you have to find out which players in the match are imposters might be good.

I wish they’d add a grenade indicator.

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I agree with this list as well. I forgot about no service record and shots/melee not registering. Like I swear I’m in the proximity of a person, try to melee, and it doesn’t work but other times it does. Same with weapons like the sword and gravity hammer. If you use a sword enough you will notice that sometimes you just don’t lunge but can lunge from the same difference at other times. That will definitely ruin infection along with a shotgun that doesn’t do enough damage. I hope they fix these before releasing grifball/infection.

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Firefight would be a great addition. We need other things in this game to play while relaxed. Otherwise you leave the game and play other things. Then you get used to play those other things.

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i’m waiting for a queue able purely pve multiplayer game mode like firefight before i throw down my AUD’s for the new halo game. I dont really play the pvp gamemodes anymore so, not ready to pay 100 buck or whatever just for campaign

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The best is when someone tries to melee you and you hear them hit you but it does no damage and your able to kill them. Sadly it doesn’t happen that often in your favor lol