26 spots left and hunting Achilles armor set

Hi there I’m leader of the Godz clan and we’re looking for atleast 26 members within halo5

  1. be respectful
  2. Have a mic ( optional )
  3. Have fun

Hey im highly interested in joining in help getting the achilles armor stuff.

Hey! i want to join your clan! im lvl 110 and i almost play every day! invite me pls :slight_smile:

I would like to join im lvl 98 and on Halo almost every day.

I’m level 61 and I’d love to join

I accepted all your requests thank you for joining can’t wait to play with u guys online

I would like to join. I am currently level 116 and active mostly everyday.

I’d like to join. How do I do it?

> 2533274861249434;8:
> I’d like to join. How do I do it?

Accept the request I sent you

hey ill join! : )

forgot say im level 79 and im on like every night, cali time like 10pm till 3am lol or earlier!

I would like to join! I play roughly 2-4 hours every day!

Hey man, I’d love to join. I’m on most days for a minimum of an hour to three, and if you’d like you can check my stats. I’m rank 64.