25 hours?! Huzzah!

So IGN just released their review of the single player campaign of Infinite. The man reviewing it said it took him 25 hours on the Heroic difficulty.

While he didn’t mention if this included the side missions or not. I’m still sure it’s safe to say that this will be well worth $50-$60 for a 25 hour single player story mode.
Just my opinion though.


This is encouraging to hear. I’m waiting a bit too purchase the campaign after the travesty that was H5. If it is 20+hours though, how will people be able to finish it in a single sitting??

This is IGN we’re talking about here. Dude probably died 500 times on Heroic.


from what im seeing and hearing going just through the campaign is like 8-10 hours but doing 100% seems to 18 hours give or take

I assume our man at IGN was charging the plasma pistol for 10 hours. But yeah no this game feels like it will be the longest out of all the FPS Halo games.

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