$25 for the Reach Hazop set? Are you serious?

Halo Infinite is free, sure, but you’re really charging 1/3 the price of a full game for a single suit of armor, huh?
A suit of armor that SHOULD have been included in the battle pass built around Halo Reach. That’s extremely pathetic and predatory 343. Do better.

Edit: There’s some people really defending a suit of Reach armor in Infinite that costs twice as much as the Halo Reach expansion did for the MCC. It’s this mindset that allows consumers to be railed by publishers and manufacturers.


I can’t wait to see what bundle the one piece of reach armor I wanted ( Carter’s left shoulder ) will be, and what junk they pair up with it lol.

I think people would be far more accepting if they didn’t force bundles on you. So that in order to get what you want, you have to also buy items you may not want at all.


“We’re listening” to our shareholders.


the only thing new in that is the kneepads and the visor adn yes the kneepads are brand new they werent in the og reach on the 360

but since it looks like pilot wont be avalibe like at all I’ll focus on the mk VII armor to get my set up for that


I would spend probably 100 or more per year when this scam would be fixed. Right now 343 is the New ea. I hope another studio will make the next halo games.

I’ll not buy again a bp. I’ve never seen so much yoink in a Shop and BP…

Making an achievement wich requires you to buy one is the greatest yoinkmove I’ve ever seen.

I really liked H5 MP and H4 campaign…


I am amazed that they will charge double the price of a battle pass for one set of armour, very cheeky!

I feel like they would make more money if they increased the battle pass cost and added more armour into it rather than charge little for the passes and so much for these armour sets


I think they should just sell the battle pass for $20 and have the ENTIRE Reach catalogue of armor in it. Sell the new armors, and oddities in the shop, and at a fair price. $2.50-$5.00 for a suit of armor is one thing, but $25?


I don’t recall a “hero” of reach wearing Hazop.

Besides, it’s kind of an ugly suit. Don’t buy it.

Do you know how expensive this gear is son?


This community is toxic af. Just stop already - not everyone wants to be as miserable as you are.


I really hope no one buys any of this stuff. So they receive the message loud and clear. But that’s too much to hope for. People love standing out too much.


This post needs more views and upvotes.
I’m incredibly put off myself because I want a single piece of this bundle but the price is ridiculous and I can’t even buy the single cosmetic on its own, but I don’t want all these other garbage.


Tell 343 to stop making us miserable.


You have no self control, or awareness, if a video game can do this to you. Go outside.


Kinda like how drives you up the wall with this situation? Just saying


Not at all. I find all this childish complaining hilarious. Someone needs to call it out. It’s embarrassing - especially when you consider grown men acting out like this. Lol

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This is dumb. There’s so much content in the store. Wasted.

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Look, if you are ever passionate about a hobby, you would only want the best possible product.
If the developers of said product fails in expectation, it’s natural to be upset and angry.

Be it a video game, a show, a novel, even food or clothing or anything one finds enjoyment in, they have a right to feel upset if expectations are not met.

This time, 343 really let us down with how the customization system and prices of these bundles are choking the players who are passionate about their game.

If you can be so disconnected from the joys and sadness which comes hand in hand with a hobby, maybe you’re just a robot. What meaning is there in life if you can’t enjoy it?


Can you like stop? This isn’t childish complaining. Just because you’re okay with this doesn’t automatically mean everyone else has to.

This is actual criticism.

They aren’t insulting 343.


I can’t even take posts like this seriously. Lmao

You are whining about the cost of a 100% optional cosmetic item - that has exactly ZERO impact on gameplay. Get real.


Oh if only you knew if only