25 challenge achievement help!

Hi I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
I completed two challenges today in Sops and they were my last two for the 25 Challenge achievment. But the servers went offline for the first of the two, even though ingame it says I have 25 now done.

Will I still get the cheevo when I do another challenge and have 26?

Oh and I do enjoy getting Cheevo’s.

Ta much.

You’ll have to complete a couple more. This achievement is said to be glitched anyway.

cool ta matey, why is it glitched though?

i have the same problem. finished the 25th challange but didnt get the schievement. maybe it is aabout the server problems or i need more completechallanges.

it will unlock once you hit 26-27 challenges complete.

I have completed 26 challenges and still did not pop. I hate glitchy achievements. Maybe 343 will fix this with their first patch.

Just keep going, I didn’t get mine until 30. Don’t lose hope.