24 player FFA Allow searching w friends

343 if you see this, allow people to search in a party with their friends in the new Last Man Standing FFA mode and in all non ranked FFA modes. The playlist will be more fun and more people will play if they can search with their friends.


Would be a great idea I loved that in Halo 4 I could play free for all with my mates. I’m sure there would be some people boosting but hey what can you do.


People will only use it to cheat by teaming up with their friends to kill off everybody else first.

They turned it off in FFA because to many people in MCC only abused it in that way and in a Last Man Standing this would only be a bigger problem.

I play MCC FFA a lot and I have only come across people teaming up 3 or 4 times over the years. It’s worth it because most of the time people won’t team up and just play normally.

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Yeah!!! I was complaining with some friends about it the other night, they were like yeah let’s play against each other and then… we can’t. :confused: I think it might be to discourage cheating like, imagine if u went in solo against a group of 5 players that were all coordinating? That wouldn’t be fair. But at the same time it still sucks.