24-26 Sep. Tech test invite

I have been an insider, available for flighting for more than a year now and have yet to receive a invite.

The last tech test that happend I received my invite after the even happened…

Is there anything I can do?

Keep checking and make sure it didn’t go to Spam or a promotions folder or something like that.
It’ll come.

I got mine on Monday and i’m still waiting for the second to come in. Just keep an eye out and you should see one.

i’m hype to start to test it

  1. Not everyone gets an invitation. The number of players getting an invite is larger than the first flight, but sign up does not guarantee access.
  2. You have until the day of the flight to receive an email (possibly a few hours after the flight started, like what happened to a friend)Relax, you’ve got time.

I’d also say if you still don’t have an email invite by Thursday night (when the build releases) then just check waypoint. The email is just a confirmation and doesn’t have the steam key or the download instructions. If you do get invited, waypoint will have the actual instructions to get into the build and play.

It all takes time so don’t worry, for answers to most questions about the flight head here

I haven’t been signed up for as long as you but its the same for me. I even told my friend to sign up on Sept. 12th so we could play together and he got his invite but I have yet to receive mine. Checking my promotions and spam folders multiple times a day but still got nothing…