237th Battalion: Gaming community.

The 237th isn’t just looking for recruits we are looking for soldiers. we need players that WANT to be there, people that WANT to plan new strategies, and find the full potential of their team. Our group uses some military structure however we are all pretty laid back, unless that is if you don’t listen or even attempt to listen to what your team has to say.

Our group uses small chain of command, in order to maintain respect and equality for ALL members because every member as well as his/her opinion is just as important as a superior or their opinions!

Don’t feel like playing a game today? Our members will not “force” you to get on a specific game unless asked prior to event! These are just a couple examples of how member friendly the 237th Battalion really is!

-check us out at- 237th.enjin.com or msg me for more info or to join.

Group Merge eminent: Name/rank system my be subject to change.