21st ODST Division seeking members

21st ODST Division

Founder: General Speedy
Discord: Speedy#5813

ODST clan for Halo MCC: Reach and Halo 3 on PC ONLY! Or at least until cross-play becomes a thing.

1. Military Roleplaying community but more relaxed than other clans.
2. A simplified ranking structure. Climbing the ranks is optional.
3. We have space for a dedicated Forge Team and Art Staff.
4. RAIDS, Training and a monthly SWORD TOURNAMENT!
5. We reserve at least one evening a week for fun Custom Games.
6. Less restrictions on speech.
7. Two Specialization roles. Power Weapons and Vehicles.

1. Halo MCC for the PC with Reach installed.
2. A mic for Voice Chats. Exceptions can temporarily be made.
3. Must speak at least basic English.
4. Must be able to play well with others.
5. There are no skill requirements but you are expected to practice.