20th Anniversary Nameplates

Like the customization items, does anybody know if the challenges for the nameplates will cycle back around as well? I unfortunately both forgot to and didn’t have time to snag the ones last week, so i’m hoping i’ll have another chance to grab them. If not, oh well, there’s so many nice nameplates added that it won’t be a disappointment for long.

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There’s no need to worry about nameplates - they don’t do anything at all. Having any particular one will not affect your gameplay experience.

It’s really hard to say at this point. I mean, they may do, but as they are for a special event, it seems unlikely.


This is the worst answer. Just because it’s cosmetic doesn’t mean OP wants it any less.

There’s been no indication that nameplates will cycle back in. I hope that all the event nameplates just get thrown into the exchange so that eventually they come back.


That not only did not answer my question, but also proceeded to talk down to me as though I expected it to affect my gameplay experience somehow. I’ll take “did not read the whole post” for 500, Alex.


I read the entire post and my reply was spot-on. Nameplates are useless and regardless of which one you use it will not impact your MCC experience in any way. You’re not missing out on anything, I assure you.

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Speaking as someone who has unlocked the stuff you’re talking about - I hope it cycles back at some point so you can get it :slight_smile: I mean, it either matters so should return or it “doesn’t matter” so why draw a line in the sand and not bring it back.

All unlocks should cycle back. Literally the ‘only’ situation I wouldn’t say that for is if they add unlocks for 100% achievements.


Yes, you are “spot-on” in avoiding the question asked and giving me a useless response. Whether nameplates do anything or not is absolutely irrelevant.


Some people like to collect things; just because you can’t see why someone would feel bad for missing out on a nameplate doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

@Myrmidont I hope the nameplates cycle back for you bro! Maybe they will bring them back every anniversary going forward.


There’s nothing to collect here. Whatever nameplate anyone selects has no impact upon gameplay in whatever game they are in. Is collecting useless virtual items really a thing?

Damn, so you’re saying that the cosmetic features a lot of us have been enjoying since 2007 just fine has actually been bad this whole time? :scream: Damn dude. Dang.

That’s just not how balanced multiplayer games work.


I’m just saying that nameplates are completely useless and regardless of which one you happen to have, it will not affect anyone’s gameplay experience.

Yeah I don’t even really care about nameplates that much, as someone who’s collected armor since Halo 3.

As well you should. Nameplates and armor mean nothing at all

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Yeah okay so do video games, I don’t get what you’re so hung up on?

I personally like to design my character to look like specific types of Covenant or UNSC operators, because I like Halo’s lore and taking screenshots.


The way your character looks means nothing. I assure you, in-game, none of your opponents care what you look like, they’re just trying to kill you.

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@Dirty_Nurse the nameplates are so useless like your posts here …
maybe they are useless for you, but that dont means its useless for everyone!

@Myrmidont i heared the whole 20th anniversary event comes again next year, so there is hope for you


Unlike armor stuff, they generally don’t offer nameplates later in the exchange.

I’m guessing you are out of luck.

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I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re the kind of person that goes into threads that describe a bug they’ve encountered and ask for any fixes or workarounds just to say “Works fine for me!”

I don’t understand why you are so absolutely bothered by this, it’s kind of baffling. I guarantee I care at least half as much about the nameplates as you do about having to tell us how useless you find them.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who gave an actual answer, you’re all great. If it doesn’t come back, oh well, it’s really not a big deal.


Just flag his responses as inappropriate or off-topic, someone needs any form of communication peripherals removed for a while.