2042 Shut down is Halo Next


Above is a link to an article, basically one of hack providers for 2042 is pulling out due to population drop in the game due to all the issues.

And BAttlefeild 1 has overtaken the game in population on steam…

There was another article stating how that community just wants EA and DICE to shut it down and really focus on the next game.

343 really needs to take a hard look at this and understand no franchise is immune from population drop. Just because it’s Halo doesn’t mean a thing anymore.

If you don’t provide the proper environment the players will leave.

But let’s take a look at this year’s releases and announcements.

BAttlefeild 2042- poor launch population dropping.

CODs new game- hell forgot it already… But it’s COD standards are already low

Ubisoft announced some battle royal thing… Everyone hated it it’s delayed.

Halo Infinite- the forums covers it…343 needs to make sure they don’t get complacent.

The only game still standing strong on its own is Fortnite…I mean that’s sad bro’s how is Halo, BAttlefeild, COD and Ubisoft getting shown up by a game that lets you dance in a nanna guy suit with board shorts rocking Ariana Grande Wings and a candy pick axe all while building a dang condo on top of your enemies.

Idk man I think the quality of these AAA games companies are slipping really quick…

Actually Frontier is doing well. I bought the second Jurrasic world Evolution and it’s pretty fun.

Granted I wish you could change the soundtrack cus the music starts to put me to sleep

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