2022 winter update mission replay bug

Pretty simple; since the winter update just dropped, we have the ability to replay missions. I saw this as a golden opportunity to do a legendary run with some skulls on, and happily, all the missions have been marked as completed on legendary… Except one: The Sequence.

I’ve replayed this mission 3 or 4 times on legendary difficulty to no avail. Oof. 343, please please please fix this. I’m playing on SeriesX, if that’s relevant.

Best submit a ticket over on the Halo Support site:



Me too mate… also series X but from another forum we’re certainly not alone!

Not even sure you can do LASO via replay either… lots of unknowns around campaign co-op still it seems!

Oh right, thx dawg. Forgot about that!

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Had the same issue that some missions didnt track completion on higher difficulty after replaying them. Starting a new save should solve this issue as its probably something with pre patch and post patch saves

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