2018 Halo Infinite Trailer breakdown

For those who have never seen the breakdown by 343 of the 2018 Halo Infinite tech demo trailer here it is:

Watch and **please** let me know what you think.

If you for whatever reason doubt 343’s ability to make a Halo game reminiscent of Bungie’s Halo the trailer breakdown gave me as a consumer and gamer hope that 343 learned from their past mistakes. I think when the next trailer is revealed we will be pleasantly surprised on how far 343 has come.

Try not to split hairs on this. Content in trailers and early builds are often subject to change when the final game comes out.

Bear in mind that the 2018 trailer was a tech demo. There have been instances of developers releasing a tech demo that didn’t reflect what the game actually could do. It’s not a knock against 343, it’s just something seen in the industry before, and likely will be seen again.

But beyond the tech stuff, the fact that it is just a tech demo means that it may or may not have any bearing on the story at all. It’s just a way to demonstrate the power of the new engine. The various shots focus on minute details like waves crashing on a beach, animals moving through a forest, and little particles floating through the air. It’s meant to show that this game will have that level of detail. The actual story elements aren’t necessarily represented, just the potential capabilities of the game engine.