2000 points warzone

I think the 1000 point should stay but add a 2000 point one on the warzone playlist. This way you can use high level reqs in the middle of the game and not when the score is like 800-800. And with the more points their will be a higher chance of a team losing by their core being destroyed then the other team geting all 2000 points. We can see more bosses in a round too. Doe anyone agree that 2000 points should be added? I know that would be like a 40 min match if they win by collecting points but still, it’s not like I’m asking the 1000 one to be removed just want a 2k warzone in the playlist

When I say playlist I mean on that screen that says
warzone assault

  • I enjoy the fast matchmaking searchtimes in warzone currently, so I vote no.

I sappose cause I can easily go through 1 silver pack or more of cards in a mtach

Sorry, but I don’t see the utility of turning a single match of Warzone into a part time job.

Maybe we should wait for them to fix spawns (which they probably never will) so Im not playing a running simulator for an extra 10-20 minutes