200 VP final enemies ruin Warzone mode

I don’t believe I’ve ever played a Warzone match where the ‘final boss’ didn’t decide the game. Everything that happened throughout the 20-minute battle is nullified because red team got the final shot on Warden Eternal right at the end. These enemies are the sole reason I don’t enjoy regular warzone mode. There’s absolutely no point in fighting the battle if just one attack decides the game. I’d love to see these enemies removed, or just replaced by normal 25 VP bosses. That way, the changing tides of the battle actually contribute to its resolution.

I’ve played plenty of games where the final boss was pointless.
The idea of having it in play is to help decide closer games. If your team fails to secure the boss area, then you deserve to lose.

About 90% of the games I have played, both teams have pretty much ignored the final boss.

It’s really a mixed bag, sometimes that last boss kill does matter, other times it doesn’t. No one really likes the current boss point system, where it’s all or nothing. However a win is a win. If an enemy managed to sneak in and steal the kill, it means your team wasn’t putting enough pressure. Also you should always be aware whenever the boss’ HP is down to the last few hits. Time your shots just right and you’ll get the kill. Or focus on securing the field and take out randos trying to assassinate the Warden or Knights on foot.

Lately I have found that by the time a final boss appears that is 200 VP that the game is pretty well decided. However I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with that level of VP boss because they are meant to add a legitimate level of urgency to each team and cause a level of hysteria within the game play, especially within the last few minutes, IF the game is close. I think they accomplish that. Sure it sucks being on the team that doesn’t get the final shot in but we have all been on the team that does so I can’t sit here and be mad about it more then a minute or two during/after the match.

Honestly 90% of players in WZ besides the really hardcore players that roll with 12 man teams don’t even go for the big bosses everytime I play everyone is just slaying each other with their shiny new Req and ignoring the bosses all together.