200 population ?

I know they don’t show the population on playlists but while loading a game of Warzone Assault it some times bugs out and shows a population number available and it says that there is only about 200 people playing, can that even be possible? I would of thought with Assault being one of the best modes to farm point you’d think it would have a rather large populations. 200 seems rather small.

or is it showing me a number that has to do with some thing else?

The number probably represents something else.

Warzone Assault is faster, yes.
But on maps such as Summit; it caters to the defenders to the point you don’t even want to play it as an attacker.
I can see why it has a low pop if that is true.

maybe your local server or numbers of players in that map, who knows.

Where can we view the ‘most played games on Xbox One’ again?

I know it doesn’t have figures, but it can be used to figure out rough figures by comparison.

There’s a population thread for stuff like this.