200+ Member Pro Company PartyUpGaming

PartyUpGaming & PartyUpGaming Alpha
200+ Members
We emphasize Playing Together we DONT Accept “Lone Wolfs”

  • We average 1.35 K/D for the Company - Average KDA 3.3 - Average Win/Lose Ratio 67% - Average Spartan Level 40+Requirements:
    1 - Must play with members of company (no lone wolfs)
    2 - Must be active
    3 - Must Have 1.2 Kill/Death Ratio or Higher
    4 - Must be level 40+

We are online with full lobbies at all times just the perks to having a large amount of active members that ACTUALLY play together. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard get frustrated that the company they joined didn’t play together. go figure, forget the rest join the best join us.

Message me if you have any questions

I must join this company, asap. If your members play in a teamwork setting as you say. I fanatical to join asap.