200 dbl exp games via facebook

ive already used up my 200 games of dbl exp and still have over 200 matches that i can gift via facebook. i would be willing to part with them for some type of consideration…


I have 130 subs on YouTube I’ll dual comm with ya.

that’s all i got

Give me 10 matchs and I’d be happy :slight_smile:

Here in my country (Brazil) Doritos isn’t giving double exp on halo, its giving a damn angry birds flushy (or however write that, like a teddy bear).

but how to get it on facebook with you?

Well I’d be willing to kiss you on the mouth.

> Consideration…?

I think he means compensation.

I’m pretty sure he wants you to trade something, which is against DewXP’s Official Rules. You can give them away, but you can’t trade for them.

> NO TRANSFER: <mark>Codes and/or Accounts cannot be sold, traded, bartered, assigned or transferred to or shared with a third party,</mark> auctioned through an online auction site, or otherwise or obtained through any source other than from one of the methods mentioned above or through the following “No Purchase Necessary” method of entry. Codes are null and void and will be rejected if not obtained through authorized, legitimate channels.

I have 6000 subs on youtube and i’ll do a commentary with you


I would take what you would let me have, my reasoning for getting it is something I could say in a pm :). Just it’s a more personal reason :p.