$20 Store Pass (Idea)

Ohhh sounds like you want more obnoxious weekly challenges.

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Here’s this sweet looking grunt emblem you can gain for your armor from the Ultimate weekly challenge! And you can get it for your gun next week! And your vehicle the week after that! And then for your nameplate!


Sounds to complicated to care…apologies but that is where society should be at.

We shouldn’t be breaking things down this heavily to justify the existence of this greed.

Stop buying things and the store will…“magically” fix itself.

Will it though? I hope you’re right, but I have my doubts.

I am in the crowd that has yet to buy any cosmetics aside from those that came with the campaign. I think there are too many people actively buying cosmetics for the prices to go down anytime soon.


That will never happen, people are willing to pay whatever the price if they like something. There’s people on ebay selling a single coating of armor for hundreds of dollars, of course people are gonna buy something for a mere $20. Sad but that’s the truth

Honestly, playing some of the new CoD games for nostalgia sake really made me realize how bad the monetization in this game is. Not only is the monetization better in CoD, but they didn’t get rid of any of the free customization the old games used to have. You want camos, loadouts, reticles, etc. Unlock them like you always used to. And progression outside the battle pass is there too! When Activision has a less scummy monetization system, you know they took things too far with Infinite.


It’s a cleaver idea but I’d rather just see the game be un-free-to-played. even if that means waiting years for 343 to realize that it was a mistake. During an interview/stream or something, they essentially said they had to look in the mirror when developing this game and decide if previous choices they had made and original ideas they had were the right direction for Halo and if not cut them. They were referring to a lot of art design choices and stuff with Prometheans as enemy types, and ultimately why infinite is a soft reboot.

They got almost every big thing right in this game (ignoring delays, bugs and missing features), the majority of issues that exist are likely branching off the sole decision of making the game f2p. Hopefully they will be able to look in the mirror once again and say ‘okay, this isn’t working, lets cut it’.

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I’m ok with this idea. I don’t want a lot of the things in the bundles, it often comes down to me saying out loud “I would get that attachment right there if it wasn’t in a $10 bundle”

You already show skill by your rank and stats in the game. The only reason why you could earn your armor in 2007 was because the idea of consistent game monetization hasnt been invented yet.

Game companies these days arent as they used to be but 343i are trying to run a business here. Play how games are now and be happy for what you already gotten.

If there is anything 343i should do is share some of the cosmetics with achievments. But they shouldnt revert all their shop judt for the sake of ingame grind. They will lose money.

They would make the same amount of money, if not more. And even if they make slightly less money than they are now, they will still make a profit. It all stems down to MS not caring about the players, they just want to milk as much out of us as they can

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I’d buy that for a dollar!
Also, I’d buy cross-core cat ears in a bundle with several helmets or a lot of cross-core attachments for a dollar.

Not really.
People wouldn’t fail to notice that buying a $35 pass that gives every item in the shop forever has more value than buying each item individually (though some might still do that anyway).

I think $35 for a certain amount of items would be good (15 armor sets and 20 customization items).
While I’ve said it before, I’d like to see:

  • Tiers for the Battle Pass ($60 as the highest, containing all items in the shop for a season).
  • The shop not filled with padding.
  • The first pass (highest tier) free for people who buy the campaign (not Game Pass).
  • All basic and combination colors unlocked without any purchases or passes.
  • Emblems to work cross-core and cross-weapons.
  • Coatings, armor pieces and attachments to work cross-core.

The season bundles including all of the items should be in another section of the shop, and after a year, four bundles (assuming a season is 3 months) should be combined with a reduced price (so, in my example, $240 would become $60).

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I mean, people are failing to notice that $20 for cat ears isn’t right. I think you are giving people too much credit.

That would work.

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I suppose that’s true.

In Reach you unlocked armor through game hours, not skill.

In Halo 4 only one armor in the game was really a skill based unlock (the Contoured Shard wrists for getting 15 perfections) the rest were all just time-based grinds.

In Halo 3 you just needed to get all the achievements to get all the armor. The only one that could really be argued as taking skill was the Two For One… But I’d argue that was more luck than anything.

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How would they make more? Their only income is the campaign. They made the multiplayer F2P to appeal to new gamers, and adding no monetization and turn it into all ingame grind just cancels out any money.

Unless you cant be naive enough to think if that changing it to ingame will slmehow make thousands of players join the game.

No, making credits earnable ingame and having the shot laid out as I suggested would make them more money. You must be new to f2p games if you think most gamers would rather grind than just pay their way to the content

Don’t mix up content and cosmetics. F2P games today have many of their cosmetics paid. It’s only Halo Infinite that has cosmetics only paid. Which is what I believe is wrong.

Content, on the other hand, is what the game is giving, but little of it. That part is free and should never be paid for. I’m not new, I just speak about a more realistic stance of how the business works to stay relevant. What I am here for is just talking about adjusting the system.

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There’s nothing to mix up, cosmetics is just another part of the content


Yeah, people who make a distinction between gameplay and cosmetics I understand. But in no way are cosmetics not content.


There’s not enough quality items to be really worth buying. Most of it is either gimmicky stuff or some mild variation of Mark 7 armour. I am not sure a new way to buy changes that.

I’ll be honest, there’s so little content in the store that I question it being this money maker people believe it to be. If you wanted to make the multiplayer game a store front shouldn’t there be a lot more on offer and behind the counter? It’s not like you’ve got four or five armour cores only available at the store or anything like that.

Maybe somebody more aware of game development can tell me but don’t they have separate teams for this sort of stuff or is it all hands on deck if there’s a major technical issue?