$20 Store Pass (Idea)

The community opinion of the Halo Infinite store is well known. Everything is over-priced, and there is not enough variety.

Many players who would be interested in purchasing a few items are turned off by the high prices and the inability to buy anything outside of bundles.

I would like to propose a potential solution, one that not only allows for more affordable and varied customization, but also makes more money for 343.

What if we could buy a “Store Pass” for 2000 Credits ($20 USD)?

This pass would allow you to select any single piece of armour, emblem, backdrop etc from the store and set it as your weekly capstone reward. This pass would be permanent once purchased.

Everyone willing to buy the Store Pass, would have access to all the items in the store, but could only unlock one item per week If And Only If you complete all your challenges. This would give everyone a slow leak of content, but it would allow you to work toward items you want. Furthermore, this wouldn’t deincentivise whales from spending.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or not?

Edit: I forgot to mention that the Store Pass should apply to all store items, including both current and previously released items.


We don’t want to pay for customize our Spartans. We want skill to unlock piece of armor or at least, XP as older Halo.


I agree, but this seems to be the way 343 is trending. I thought this would be a more palatable way to purchase customization items and would also fix the awful capstone rewards.

I would much rather have some level of customization linked to achievements or commendations like in previous games. That being said, not everyone is going to like the specific armour pieces unlocked in this fashion.

I agree with this.

343i just have to look to Warzone, for 10€ you can have a Operator skin, 2 weapons, 1 pic, 1 calling card and 1 key holder ( i don’t have the english word for the two last).
Here on Infinite, for 20€ you have the Mister Chief bundle, what a joke !

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Personally I would prefer if they got away from bundles as the only option. Give us a piecewise option for purchasing customization items.

The current prices are whack though. I think bundles should exist as an option that offers better value than buying everything individually.

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Maybe with a price between 50cent and 2€/$ one piece, they would sell more.


I would buy items at that price. This is coming from someone who is skeptical of the value of the current Battle Pass.

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Maybe I’ll buy it to but for something like this https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWars/comments/rsgsw5/spartan_trooper/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 and not cat ears or pineapple grenades…


I feel it would be better if it was $30 or $35. They need to make a profit and not everyone is going to buy the campaign

Although I think a good solution would be to let people earn credits ingame. Maybe it is 1 or 15 per battle one or something. Also could have performance based creditgain tied into that. The whales would still spend a bunch of money to get stuff immediately, along with more people spending money on credits since it is cheaper. They would gain the same amount of money and if they gained less, they can add in a system where whoever bought the campaign (those who bought the campaign itself, not got it off the gamepass) have a way to unlock credits faster than anyone else or like a credit subscription system.


I got thinking of the pricing and $20 may be too cheap for a permanent store pass. Maybe $10 / Season, or $30 for one year would be better.

And yes, we definitely should be able to earn store credits by playing the game.

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You’re kiding GusTank04 right ?

I already bought the campaign 70€, the only piece I have unlocked from it, it’s ugly camo and paint. And you would sell bundle for 35$ ? No thanks, I will uninstall the game.

Where did I say they should sell the bundle’s for $35? I said they should have a store pass for $35 if they went with this idea. That is waaay better than the value they have now.

And if you had bothered to even read what I said, you would see that I think you should be able to earn credits ingame, hence making the store cheaper.

But no, you’d rather run your mouth because you read one sentence in a post

Okay guys let’s not let this devolve, we have a good discussion going.

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$35 for forever would be a fair price. Like I said, they will have the whales that will still buy everything outright and others who will just spend a few extra bucks after they have accumulated some credits. And people would be more incentivized to buy the campaign if you got a steady stream of credits

No i just don’t understand everything you say. English is not my mother tongue so sorry.

By the way, i’m agree with what you say for earn some credits ingame.

It’s kind of sad when you can only have 2-4 people to have a good discussion then when others start coming in the toxicity is planted, lol.

No problem man. Even if we just got credits from the BP, I would be happy but the way it is now, this is one of the worst f2p games out there monetization wise.

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Were it so easy…

Without tone of voice it’s very easy to misinterpret other’s messages.


Totally agree with that. They need to improve their enocomic system for the F2P.

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This is how I would envision a credits system would work.

First of all, it would require a store overhaul.

Special–Any cosmetic items that aren’t in Events or Battlepasses are put here.

Event–Items from past events are put here after the event ends. Further splits into all of the events (I.e. it splits into Fracture/Winter Contingency/Cyber Ops/ect/ect all of those sections contain content from those events. Fracture further divides into the past fractures. (I.e. Tenrai fracture/pass 2 fracture/pass 3 fracture, ect ect) )

Seasonal/Battlepass–Items from the past BPs come here and split into the different seasons (like the events)

A store bundle would contain every single item in the store at that time.
Section bundles include all the content in that section (Special Bundle, Event bundle, Seasonal Bundle)
Subsection bundles would include all content for that subsection (Fracture bundle, Winter Contingency bundle, Cyper Ops bundle, Season 1 bundle, Season 2 bundle, ect, ect)
Bundles would go down even farther, (Tenrai bundle, Season 2 fracture bundle, ect, ect)
Or you can buy every item separately, but the bundles have more content for the price. Bundles are also cheaper if you already have items from that bundle.
Different bundles would include the following: Coating bundle, Helmet bundle, Hip attachment bundle, Weapon skin bundle, ect, ect.

The whales would of course just buy everything, giving MS a big influx of money.

There would only be 4 seasons in the store at one time, 3 would be the latest 3 seasons (i.e. in 2 years, we would have had 8 seasons, 8, 7, 6 would all be in the store, 5,4,3,2,1 would all rotate on a weekly basis)

Same for events. (fractures of seasons 8,7,6 would be the permanent fractures while 5,4,3,2,1 would be rotating)

Special would do the same (special content for seasons 8,7,6 would be permanent at the time, 5,4,3,2,1 would be rotating)

More opportunity for MS to make money and more freedom to the player to buy stuff.

After every battle, your score is transferred to credits (let’s say you got 3000, very high. 1 credit per 150 score That would transfer to 20 credits) then you get an extra 10 credits for every battle won and 2 credits for every battle completed.
For this particular battle then, you would have gotten a 22-32 credits.
If you got 22 credits per battle for 300 battles straight (which is highly unlikely) you would end up with 6600 credits (9600 if you got 32 for 300 battles). With this new store system that would get you a fair amount of content. And if you didn’t like the amount of credits, you could always buy some credits with money. The player wins and MS wins.

For custom battles, your final credit gain is modified by the bot difficulty you are going up against, this is to prevent cheesing the credit system. It would try to remain as fair as the online credit gain

If you bought the campaign (not the gamepass) you would also gain + 10 credits per win and the credit multiplier for score would be 100, not 150. Every battle completed would give you 5 instead of 2. If you got a steady 3000 score for 300 battles, in total you would get (30 for the score, +20 for wins, + 5 for completed battle) 35-55 for 300 battles, that turns out to 10’500-16’500. MS gets money from the campaign and the player wants to buy it to get a good stream of credits to spend ingame.

Add in crosscore and I feel this would be a system that benefits both MS and the players

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