$20 for an armor set is not ridiculous

I don’t like it, but I will genuinely defend 343i. Maybe F2P games have their own priority cosmetics that are sold for 20 dollars too. A single skin for League of Legends is 20 bucks. Only one gun skin for Valorant is 20 bucks. Same on Fortnite, Apex legends, etc.

Armor in Halo Infinite is also a priority cosmetic. We are lucky that include a coating or some accessories along in their bundle. You guys aren’t used to it, but that’s just the normal price for all main cosmetics in F2P games.

Not that I agree, there just has to be more ways to achieve the cosmetics without payment that still can be grindy. Achievements can only go so far. Sadly, the only way without paying that I can see are through loot boxes.

EDIT: I get the problem is if an armor is worth it or not considering popularity in the past, so thats a change.

But its not like in 2010, you could gain the whole set in one grind. At least in here, they off multitude other accessories along your purchase.


It is ridiculous, maybe not out of the norm, but still ridiculous. I’ll happily stay in recruit armor for that price.
With how many armor sets I see in-game I don’t suspect any significant changes either. Hopefully I can find a cool set of armor one day at Goodwill.


Nah, this ain’t it chief.

$20 is ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. Especially for armor sets that originally came out in 2010. That armor should’ve been in the reach pass.

It would be different if this was new armor but we’re talking about armor that appeared in previous games.

Come on.


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because people accept this is other F2P games doesn’t mean we have to. It doesn’t mean we have to like it. It doesn’t make it worth it. Look on Reddit, the posts about Stealing someone’s look, and how it costs $60 for some armor/coating combinations. That’s the price of a full retail game. It’s not okay in my book.

Also, we’re not lucky to have anything to do with coatings in this game. Because what we sacrificed to get coatings is armor colors. You know, that thing we’ve been able to customize since Halo CE, and that we got to choose three of in Halo 3. We can’t do that anymore. And honestly, none of the coatings they’ve added have been in my preferred color combinations, so I don’t feel lucky they’ve included them in a bundle. And you can say, well they don’t have to make a coating for just me. And you’re right, they don’t, but if we had colors, they wouldn’t have to.


Do you know how expensive this gear is son?

Halo 2 jokes aside. I think the prices can be fairly argued against, but ultimately it is up to the individual to decide what price is too much. It’s entirely subjective.

If a set came out that I truly wanted, I’d have no problem dropping $20 on it. But I don’t know of any set that I could warrant doing that with. BP already includes ODST so I’m Gucci.


I mean it isn’t good when other games do it either


It’s been a while since I played league, but I remember those 20 dollar league skins were actually unique. Infinite is charging 20 for a 5 dollar skin.


I’m not one to tell people how to spend their money, but when you spend 1/3rd of what the Campaign costs on a cosmetic, I do question the reasoning behind the purchase.


I do agree that $20 feels a bit steep. Somewhere around $10-15 kind of feels more appropriate.

People aren’t helping though when they argue that 343 should be selling these things for chicken feed. That’s not going to sustain anything.

I’m happy to buy cool stuff. I got the Daisy pack. No regrets.

What I would like to see though is Coatings sold as (non-coloured) patterns… and we then buy separate colour splashes (combinations of colours) to apply to the coatings. You can then mix and match them separately. People would probably spend more on their favourite patterns to have them in different colour combinations.

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  1. Hazop, Anubis, and Soldier were previously free unlocks, I get that a F2P model needs income revenue, but the price for the armors offered is… poor, to put it politely. $15 for a utility slot is not a good deal.

  2. Comparing 1 bad money-making system to other equally poor money making systems does not improve the situation, league of legends is a bad example as there are also ways to lessen the amount you pay, an explanation that’s worth its own post, but you can earn prestige skins and then some with only $10… a much better deal than Halo. Apex got brutalized and is still suffering from it’s poor cosmetic pricing system.

  3. Many of the items are bundled or even replicas for different cores, the colors red and blue for Yaroi were $7 and had visors with them, this issue comes in 2 parts, I shouldn’t have to buy a basic color, I should also have the option to pick and choose each individual part I want so I don’t have to pay $7 on the color blue and the visor when the legendary visor is making probably what’s making it so expensive.

The store in and of itself isn’t an issue, it’s the contents and pricing of said contents that make it unbearable.


No matter how many times people say “$20 isn’t too much” I will NEVER believe it. There’s no way on earth to convince me that a SINGLE armor setup that I can only use on a SINGLE armor core is worth 1/3rd the entire campaign. And you’d have to be braindead to try and convince me of that anyways.


I have no problem buying something in the store, the problem is how much they’re charging for it

And putting Fan Favourite helmets in $20 Bundles sorry that is pretty ridiculous


343 is NOT your friend. They do not need you to defend their predatory macrotransactions for them. $20 for armor is ridiculous, and so are you for thinking otherwise.


Halo 5 made 500 million in the first week when released.
HALO 5!!!..

343 easily made a Billion no doubt about it with Halo infinite. With that said they will keep the store and drain it dry before we stand up and make 343 realise that they made their profit and should treat their fans with respect.


But but… The server cost.


Add onto the fact that all the Reach armor was in the battlepass but they decided to gut it before launch to sell back legacy items at hyper inflated prices. Honestly, screw whoever is calling the shots over there, greedy pigs


Yup. That’s the problem. All the 9 year olds with their moms credit cards. That are too young to understand how bad they’re being ripped off


But that’s what gets me so upset about this whole thing to begin with. I’d have spent several hundred dollars on this game already if the pricing was fair. And I know dozens of my friends feel the same. So I think 343 would be making MORE money with reasonable prices


Oh I believe you’re right. I don’t have numbers to back it up, but I’ve talked to a lot of people, and it definitely seems like they’d make more at a lower price. Optimization isn’t about just charging the maximum price, because of consumers you alienate. Heck, I love some of the items they have. The heart charm! I love that thing, but I don’t love it enough to pay $15. And that’s the problem.


Hell I’d have bought the color brown just to get those dope mud flaps if the price was between 2-5 bucks.