2 Xboxes on same network won't find match

My roommate and I are unable to connect to a match when we are in the same party. Joining into a party works fine, but when we search for a match it just sits there. We have been having this problem since launch night and have not yet been able to play a match together. We are able to find matches while not in a party perfectly fine, even when we try at the same time.

Is there anyone else having this issue? I’m trying to see if it’s on my end, but since I am able to connect to other matches without any trouble I am thinking it is not.

Your not alone, I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve modified my modem to open up my NAT settings to optimum connection (green) and still no luck. I’m sure that this is a flaw in the Halo 4 network and would love to see some feedback whether or not this issue is being resolved or even if the dev’s know about it.

We’ve tested out whether or not my roommate an I are able to participate in Spartan Ops with other friends online. We can both be in a party with other friends online and play Spartan Ops, it seems the ONLY issue is finding additional players within war games…

How is this even possible?
Can this finally be solved somehow?

Are you running two xboxes and two Tvs? Are you both wired or routered?

Forward/Trigger XBL ports on you router.

Edit: If you’re using the Motorola sbg6580. It will not work properly with 2 360’s in one home. My GF and I had to junk that modem for the sb6121. We also nabbed a d-link dgl-4500 gaming router. We now have NO issue playing together.

These ports need to be open:

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)