2 week Credit Ban.. Falsely accused!

I got on and i see a 2 week credit ban when i have done nothing wrong. i have done nothing on the list of stuff you ban people for like AFKing or credit boosting with the ethernet cable thing. its total bull system. 343 please fix it. i know its not you but the automated banhammer. is there a way you can unban this innocent player?

Probably very unlikely 343 is going to do anything about it for now. They have a lot on their plate right now with a TU, Halo CEA and Halo 4.

And pretty much all credit bans are legit, you must have done something in your Reach career to get one. I’ve seen hundreds of these threads posted on B.Net and 99% of the credit bans are legitimate.

i seriously have done none of that…im clean…
i did get a 24 hr ban because i left the controller to do something else around the house but this time i made sure i didnt afk at all …reachs ban system is broken. how can they make another game when reach…which they took over has so many problems

No denying Reach’s betrayal system is broken, but their ban system seems to work as designed.

Exactly how long did you AFC? I have heard their tolerance for AFC has lowered due to the mass-complaints it saw at B.Net. Last I heard, AFC in 2-4 games will get you banned.

I could be wrong though.

Because the best way to solve a problem is to make something new that doesn’t have any problem. Also, they will profit if Reach is see as broken by the community because when they sell Halo 4 and if it is really great nobody will stay on Reach or other Halo games and will switch to Halo 4. Allowing them to make tons of money and live like king. :stuck_out_tongue: