1st Idea: Able to melee without weapon in hand, for custom games for stuff like literally fistfights. Would be pretty fun in custom games.

2nd Idea: You know how if you are driving a vehicle really fast and how if you jump out it slows down to a stop so fast? Well how bout for a bit more realism let the vehicle keep going the same speed then eventually slow down?

These are my ideas. Want to here your thoughts on this.

Wait, I don’t get it why you would throw down a weapon to melee without it if you can melee with it.

And I don’t really mind the 2nd idea.

Well I mean for the 1st idea. It would really only be in custom games if somebody wanted to make a fistfight map? Or a kinda: You lost your gun go find one to kill other players or be a ninja and only use your fists lol.

I’ve always wanted to walk around without a weapon! As for the second idea, I like it.

I agree with both.

The 2nd idea could be used in CE to get on the hog’s turret. It felt good to compromise a group of Covies while driving a hog, get out of the driver’s seat (you had to be driving straight, preferably on even terrain) and then get in the turret and start firing upon them. It should return.

I don’t see these being useful at all. I mean plasma pistol fistfights are already infinitely more entertaining than pure fistfights, and vehicle speed after dropping out doesn’t seem to affect much, unless trying to splatter someone near a cliff, but that would remove the risk and gamble. They’ll just end up as wasted resources.