2 questions on Halo 4 CSR system

Hello everyone, I have two questions regarding the Halo 4 CSR system.
I know this system is divided in “team-scoring” ranks and “individual-scoring” ranks, my first question:
is the Team slayer (Infinity and Legendary slayer) playlist team or individual scoring?
The Halo 4 multiplayer ranks page, from Halopedia, says that the playlist is individual scoring, but I have found an official topic on Halo Waypoint where “B is for Bravo” says that Team slayer is team scoring; so… who’s right?
My second question:
in the CSR system of Team slayer and BTB, does quitting hurt CSR more than loosing? Better suffer 4vs1 and get a bad score or quitting?
On Halo Alpha (Rank, Halo 4 page) is written: "Although 343 Industries officially stated that leaving a match before it’s finished counts the player as having lost in team-based CSR playlists and being the lowest-scoring player in individual CSR playlists,[1] quitting a match does not affect CSR at all.[2][3]. "
Thanks for your answers.